We welcome applications from all students currently registered on any full time degrees. This includes undergraduate, masters, MBA and PhD programmes. Team members who are enrolled students in January 2024, but graduate before the boot camp finals in April 2024 are still eligible to participate. 

All team members must be aged 18 or over.

For the first stage of the competition (business idea submission), applicants do not need to have a team already formed. Ideas may be submitted by individuals, but only at this first stage.

By the third stage of the competition (full business plan submission), students must form teams of minimum 2 and maximum 5 people. Stage 3 teams must include at least one student whose business idea was successful in stage 1 of the competition.

While there are no academic background requirements, we encourage students to have a mix of business and technical skill sets within their teams. 

Entry Fees

We confirm there are no entry fees! 

Stage 1 - Business Idea Submission (Deadline 4th Feb)

Stage 1 entries should be no more than 200 words in length. Unfortunately, we cannot accept stage 1 entries submitted after the deadline.

If your stage 1 entry is successful, you will be notified by email and invited to submit a stage 2 entry.

For more information on how to write a compelling business idea, please see the guidelines.


Stage 3 - Full Business Plan Submission (Due 10th March)

Stage 3 entries must be submitted by the specified deadline. If your stage 3 entry is successful, you will be notified by email.

The competition organisers may help organise the formation of stage 3 teams by connecting existing idea teams with participants who bring desired skill sets to the team, however we encourage you to find members for your teams within your academic institutions or at Clean Tech events in your communities.


Finals - The Boot Camp Finals (23rd - 24th April)

Successful stage 3 teams must ensure that they are available for the full two days during the Boot Camp finals on April 23rd and 24th to attend the virtual seminars, work with their mentor and deliver their final pitch.

The organisers will issue a ‘challenge’ to the teams during the course of the Boot Camp. Teams will then be given an equal amount of time to address this challenge. They will then present their response to the ‘challenge’ to a panel of judges and fellow finals participants.

Following the presentations, the judges will meet and declare the winner.



The judging panels will be coordinated by the CTC organisers. Stage 1 and Stage 2 submissions will be judged by the CTC organiser directly. Each 200 word entry will be judged independently by a minimum of two judges.  Stage 3 and Finals presentations will be judged by a panel of judges with expertise in the clean tech sector, such as investors, entrepreneurs and those with experience of the industry.

All prizes are awarded at the discretion of the judging panel. All selection decisions of the organisers and the judges are final and not subject to appeal.


The winner of the Boot Camp finals will receive a £20,000 awarded by LBS and UCL. This prize may be split among teams upon the recommendation of the Judges and at the discretion of the CTC organisers, for instance in the case of a tie. 

Previous Funding

We ask that students who have already established a company for their business idea disclose the name and date of formation of the company. Applicants who have already secured arrangements for capital from any source should disclose the amounts and sources as an addendum to their stage 1 submissions. Example sources of capital include cash generated from sales revenues, venture capital, proof of concept funding, contracts and personal or family funds. We ask for this because the purpose of the competition is to take ideas through to the ‘proof of concept’ phase. Unfortunately, entries may be disqualified if the organisers consider the funding already secured to have enabled development beyond this phase.

Competition Disclaimer

By submitting an entry to the competition, the participants agree to the following conditions:

Originality: The ideas embodied in entries are the original work of the participant(s) and to the best knowledge of the participants, their use will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party. 

Disclosure: All participants give permission to the CTC organisers to make their submissions available to the organisers, judges and mentors, at all stages of the competition.

Compliance: By submitting an entry, participants confirm that their entry complies with the rules in this document.  As a general note, the CTC organisers, acting on advice from the judges, reserve the right to disqualify any entry that does not comply with the rules of the competition.

Liability: Participants acknowledge that the organisers and judges are volunteers, assisting a student-run, free competition, and have no duty to provide any advice or service to any participant. In particular, any views expressed by the organisers and judges are their own opinions, given in good faith, and not those of the LBS, UCL, its subsidiaries or any other person or entity. For the avoidance of doubt, teaching or mentoring provided to students during the competition is not a substitute for professional advice necessary to develop any idea into a commercial venture.

Participants understand and agree that, save in relation to personal injury or death caused by negligence or in respect of fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation,

(a) No warranties are made in relation to the competition or views expressed by or conduct of organisers, judges and mentors; and that

(b) Neither the organisers, judges, mentors, LBS nor UCL shall be liable for any damages or expenses of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising in connection with an entry, the competition or views given by the organisers, judges and mentors.

Confidentiality And Intellectual Property

Stage 1 entries will be seen only by the CTC organisers, while stage 2 entries will be seen only by the CTC organisers and stage 2 judges. Phase 3 presentations will be seen by stage 3 judges, other successful stage 2 teams, CTC organisers, and others invited to attend the Boot Camp.

The participants agree to respect the confidentiality of any information disclosed by the other participants of the competition.

The competition will provide opportunities to share and develop clean tech ideas through workshops, networking sessions and a boot camp. The organisers will take reasonable steps to keep entries confidential, subject to the need to share and circulate information as necessary to facilitate smooth running of the competition. Participants should therefore be aware that, while participants agree to keep others teams’ information confidential, this provides no formal legal protection of participants’ intellectual property.

All entries and presentations (including verbal and written material) made as part of the Challenge should be made with full understanding of your academic institution’s regulations on intellectual property rights. It is the responsibility of the participants to ensure that no third party, such as a research sponsor or another member of your institution who participated in your research, has any rights on the contents, which may prevent its disclosure and use. Such proprietary information relating to the idea should not be disclosed. 

The organisers, LBS and UCL will take no responsibility to protect the intellectual property of any participants or teams. The protection of intellectual property or other rights of each participant is his or her own ultimate responsibility. If in doubt, please seek professional advice.